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Ahammad Kabeer

I help turn your ideas into digital realities.

I'm a software engineer specializing in building (and occasionally designing) exceptional digital experiences.

Selected Work

Menteor is a one-of-a-kind platform for personalised mentorship, combining the simplicity of a dating app with a focus on skill-based knowledge transfer. Ideal for self-motivated individuals seeking professional guidance or expertise in a specific field, Menteor connects you with a variety of skilled professionals, creatives, and craftsmen to support you on your journey.

Pouch is a minimalist MVP project designed to emulate the functionality of a digital wallet app. Pouch isn't just any wallet app—it's a versatile platform that can be seamlessly integrated with other services to serve as their wallet and reward management system. I originally developed Pouch to complement my passion project, Menteor, which I'm currently working on. Right now, Pouch is in its MVP stage, featuring two main modules: wallet, handling all things wallet-related, and treasury, designed for managing rewards by admin users.

During my tenure at Aufait, I played a pivotal role as the frontend developer for the ClubSulaimani project, aimed at revitalizing their online presence. Collaborating closely with the team, I spearheaded the rebranding and development efforts to craft a dynamic website tailored precisely to ClubSulaimani's unique brand identity and specific requirements.

Client Stories

  • I am delighted to recommend Ahammad Kabeer for his outstanding contributions as a UI/UX designer and web developer on our team. Throughout our collaboration, he consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to blend creativity with technical expertise, resulting in exceptional design solutions and user-friendly web applications.
    Muhammed SidanHead of Engineering at Cyber Square - AI & Coding for Schools
  • Exceptional work! A testament to reliability. Ahammad took on the task of testing AppMap's plugins by creating projects using Next.js. His result-driven approach led to the development of a remarkable day planner application. As a Founding Designer at AppMap Inc., I can confidently say that Ahammad's dedication to delivering tangible outcomes is unmatched. He's a true asset to any team or project.
    Dan WarnerFounding Designer at AppMap Inc.
  • I am delighted to recommend Ahammad Kabeer P for his exceptional skills and dedication. As a developer, Kabeer consistently delivers high-quality code and innovative solutions. His ability to tackle complex problems and his deep understanding of technology make him an invaluable asset to any team. Kabeer is also one of the hardest workers I've encountered. His commitment to his projects and his proactive approach ensure that he always goes the extra mile to achieve success. Additionally, Kabeer is an excellent collaborator, communicating effectively and supporting his colleagues generously. I highly recommend Ahammad Kabeer P for any opportunity. His technical expertise, strong work ethic, and positive attitude will undoubtedly make a significant impact.
    Jasir TPSoftware Engineer - Collegue at Aufait UX
  • Kabeer and team provided a positive experience while working on my website. They were responsive and professional, delivering satisfactory results. I would recommend Kabeer for their reliability and dedication
    Muhammad AzharFounder - Go Ahead Consulting LLP, UAE

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