A little bit about me

Who I am and what I do.

Who I am

I'm Ahammad Kabeer Hadi, a multidisciplinary self-taught software engineer with over half a decade of experience in the tech industry. Hailing from Kozhikode, Kerala, IND, I'm committed to crafting cutting-edge digital solutions that make a lasting impact. My journey in the tech realm is defined by innovation, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


Presently, I am deeply immersed in the development of Menteor, a one-to-one mentorship platform, where I serve as the founder and lead software engineer.
Menteor seeks to alleviate the challenges faced by self-learners by connecting them directly with industry professionals and experts for guidance. As an advocate for knowledge sharing, I also provide complimentary hands-on training for aspiring developers.

The Journey Thus Far

Throughout my professional journey, I have demonstrated proficiency across various programming languages and frameworks, excelling as a self-taught software engineer in diverse environments. By saying that, here's a glimpse of my work experience so far:

  1. Lead Software Engineer at Menteor

    Ideated and launched Menteor, a one-on-one mentorship platform designed to prioritise skill-based mentorship and knowledge transfer through a collaborative and community-driven approach using Next.js, React, Hono,TailwindCSS, and Cloudflare Workers

    Leading the ongoing software development with a focus on creating innovative features driven by a curated waiting list exceeding 100 members

    Offering complimentary hands-on training for aspiring developers by sharing self-learning resources through personal blogs, thereby fostering skill development and growth within the tech community.

  1. Frontend Developer at Aufait UX

    Played a significant role in developing Aufait UX's In-house React UI library, ensuring consistency and efficiency

    Demonstrated adaptability by crafting a website for a renowned Indian tea vendor - ClubSulaimani, aligning with client needs and branding.

    Gained valuable insights into user experiences and UI practices before successfully transitioning into independent freelance work.

  1. Software Engineer at CyberSquare

    Elevated team performance by spearheading the development and maintenance of multiple applications utilising Angular and React, resulting in enhanced system efficiency and performance

    Achieved seamless integration of RESTful services using Python with Angular and React applications, bolstering functionality and user experience

    As an integral component of CyberSquare's School-based training programmes, I fostered knowledge dissemination by educating both students and teachers in programming fundamentals. This initiative culminated in an exceptional 90% pass rate for the end-of-semester exam.

  1. Web Developer at Self Employed

    Leveraged web development expertise to assist small businesses and agencies in achieving their online goals.

    Built and maintained websites tailored to client needs and industry standards.

    Implemented a variety of technologies to ensure project success, including JavaScript, Angular, and WordPress.

I'm always eager to foster new connections and collaborations. Whether you prefer dropping a line viaemailor scheduling a coffee chat onCal.comto discuss your ideas, I'm all ears. You can also connect with me onLinkedInorTwitterto explore exciting opportunities together.

Let us embark on this journey of innovation together,

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